The StudioHealth Team


Dr. OMAR ELESSEILY – Chiropractor


Dr. Omar Elesseily was born and raised in Vancouver and attended Simon Fraser University majoring in Kinesiology. He completed his Chiropractic studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, located in California, where he worked in the microbiology department as a teacher’s assistant. After completing his studies and internship, he continued working in San Francisco and established himself in one of the top rehabilitation clinics in the Bay Area.

It is here that he concentrated his studies on chiropractic neurology and had the opportunity to work with a team of professionals including neurologists and orthopedic surgeons who looked after the San Francisco 49ers, as well as other top professional teams in the area.

Looking to bring that multi-disciplinary approach to health care back home, Dr. Omar returned to Vancouver to open StudioHealth -ChiroWorks – [Studio-West] in the westside of Vancouver in the Dunbar/Kerrisdale neighborhood. The goal was to provide an exceptional level of service matched with professional care by a team of exclusively selected practitioners who excel in their discipline. In 2014, a second clinic was opened in the heart of Vancouver on Main St. in the Mount Pleasant/Riley Park-Little Mountain neighborhood. StudioHeath -Main St- [Studio-East] was established to offer an equally exceptional level of service to our ever expanding patient base of friends and all those we consider family, as well as new first time patients.

Dr. Omar continues to advance patient care with the addition of Cold Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) and Kinesio Taping (Sports Taping) at StudioHealth –ChiroWorks- among other numerous seminars and training undertaken. Dr. Omar’s interests include martial arts, cooking, traveling when he’s able to, golf and recently ice hockey.

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Dr. ROBIN FERGUSON – Chiropractor


Dr. Robin Ferguson was born and raised in Langley, BC. She attended the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford for her undergraduate studies. She then went onto the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon to complete her Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr Robin grew up playing rugby and is still actively involved in the sport. Her role is more behind the scenes and on the sidelines now. She spends many hours outside of the clinic working with the Surrey Beavers Rugby Club as their team trainer and team Chiropractor. She was lucky enough to be a part of their 2016-2017 Division One Provincial Championship. It is through her hands on experience with rugby the that Dr. Robin has had other opportunities in the sport open up for her, like working with the British Columbia Rugby League and travelling to Medellin, Colombia with the Dog River Howlers Rugby Tour.

Dr. Robin is passionate about chiropractic and what it has to offer the community. Dr. Robin is dedicated to providing the most effective chiropractic, rehabilitative, and wellness care available. She strongly believes in educating her patients and having them play an active role in their return to optimal health.

Dr. Robin uses diversified chiropractic technique in her practice. She also uses an array of other techniques and styles such as Graston soft tissue technique, myofascial release, pregnancy adjusting, kinesio-taping, MyoVision scan, and cold laser therapy.

In her spare time Dr. Robin enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She also enjoys supporting the local rugby teams and can often be found catching a game on the sidelines. She is an avid reader, gardener, and dog lover.

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EWA CIECIERSKA – Registered Massage Therapist


Ewa was born in Poland and moved to Canada with her family at the age of six and grew up in the Lower Mainland. Growing up Ewa always had a fascination with the human body. She graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy intensive 3000 hour program and worked as a personal trainer part time all through school. Those skills now add greatly to her practice.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Ewa feels incredibly grateful to be able to help others gain and maintain pain free range of motion. Her emphasis is on a team patient-therapist approach to health and enjoys teaching everyone she treats ways to be involved with home care exercises, stretches and hydrotherapy.

Outside of work Ewa spends her time exploring in the sunshine, reading in cozy coffee shops and whenever possible she loves traveling to new places to experience other cultures and meet new people. Friends and family are always around, as well as her cat Mylo.

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DANITA BARNES – Registered Massage Therapist


Danita grew up in Vancouver and had a love for playing sports which inspired her to pursue her education at Simon Fraser University. She began learning more about the human body and how it works through studying Kinesiology and furthered her interest by becoming a certified Hatha and Power yoga instructor. This adventure into learning about movement only grew her desire to work more with the body in a therapeutic sense. She went on to graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and won an RMTBC clinical case study award based on Massage Therapy’s effects on a downhill mountain bikers performance.

While completing her program, Danita took special interest in volunteering her time at special events such as the Whislter Gran Fondo. She believes strongly in the benefits of preventative treatment, working to help keep the body functioning to its fullest potential and helping to prevent injuries before they may occur. She believes that massage therapy can be one of the many great tools a patient can use for both recovery and injury prevention.

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PAUL JOHNSON – Registered Massage Therapist

                                                    ***Leave of Absence***


Paul grew up in Langley and now lives in beautiful Vancouver. He graduated from the Langara 3200 hour RMT program. He enjoys volunteering at events such as the KneeKnacker trail running marathon, the provincial swimming finals at UBC and other sporting events. Paul works with a diverse population such as elderly patients, pre-natal, post-natal and high level athletes.

While Paul sees the importance of promoting relaxation in each of his treatments, he also puts emphasis on treating specific conditions with therapeutic massage. He employs a variation of techniques in his treatment to find the modality that works for each individual patient. Paul thrives in a multi-disciplinary clinic and enjoys working with a team of like-minded practitioners who are all working towards a goal of healing and optimizing each patients’ health.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, skiing and camping but his real passion is martial arts. Paul has been training in martial arts since he was thirteen years old and continues to train at a competitive level today. He has competed at provincial and national level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing tournaments.

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CHRISTINE MIEMBAN – Registered Massage Therapist

                                                 ***Maternity Leave***


Prior to becoming a RMT, Christine completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at the University of British Columbia. She worked as a kinesiologist, specializing in biomechanics, gait analysis, and orthotics, and did custom bracing for orthopaedic surgeons at the Joint Preservation Centre of BC. She then went on to graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program, where she earned top honours and is the 1st place recipient of the RMTBC’s Clinical Case Study Competition.

Christine enjoys working with a variety of conditions but takes special interest in sports and orthopaedic conditions. She looks at the body as a whole and tailors her treatments to each individual. She utilizes a variety of techniques including myofascial release, trigger point release and neuromuscular technique. Having worked in the healthcare industry for a number of years, Christine knows the importance of working with different practitioners in order to achieve optimal health.

Sport and fitness have always been a part of Christine’s life. She currently plays volleyball in a women’s league and enjoys weight training, yoga and anything hockey related. She also enjoys playing the piano, reading, cooking and travelling.

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LEO CHEN – Registered Massage Therapist


Leo graduated in 2015 from the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College. During his time in school, he developed many skills and shared a genuine interest in myofascial techniques and joint mobilization techniques, which he now adapts to fit every patients’ needs specifically. He uses these varied approaches in a multi-disciplinary clinic to promote the recovery of each patient and to prolong the healing benefits that regular team-based maintenance can provide. With that being said, Leo is continuously expanding his repertoire of skills to treat a large variety of patients. His enthusiasm for learning has driven him to further his education by obtaining additional certifications in RockBlade IASTM techniques and soft tissue release techniques.

When Leo is not at work, he can be found spending quality time with his friends and family either walking around in the city or participating in fun activities. Along with his interest for the outdoors, Leo is an avid volleyball player and has a weakness for board games and the occasional video game. But no matter how hectic life can get, Leo will always make time for his motorcycle which is his favourite way to unwind.

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REBECCA O’BRIEN – Registered Acupuncturist


Rebecca O’Brien grew up in Langley and Abbotsford. She studied a variety of subjects at the University of the Fraser Valley and graduated from the Graphic Design program before moving to Newfoundland. There she studied Acupuncture at Eastern College in historic downtown St. John’s before moving back to B.C. in 2011.

She uses acupuncture, cupping therapy, Tui Na massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine diet therapy to treat a variety of conditions and help fortify the body’s health. In addition to Traditional Chinese Medical therapies, she also often uses plant essences and Reiki to enhance your treatments.

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that views a person as a whole being and addresses the root cause of an imbalance in the body. It treats the symptoms as well as the cause. Pain and mobility conditions are often addressed at the same time as stress, sleep, digestion, energy level and immune function issues. Rebecca also has experience treating fertility and pregnancy related issues such as cycle irregularity, morning sickness, breech baby, and labour preparation.

Rebecca’s interests and activities outside of healing include camping in all seasons, hiking, textile art, writing science fiction, and convincing her children they need to go to sleep at night.

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DR. ANN GRIMWOOD – Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Ann Grimwood grew up amongst the beautiful lakes and forests of southwestern Ontario. Prior to studying naturopathic medicine, Dr. Ann spent the better part of a decade living and working in the outdoors, guiding hiking and canoeing trips, and travelling throughout Europe, Australia, and Tanzania.

After completing her Doctor of Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Dr. Ann moved to Vancouver where she completed a 2-year clinical residency at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Coming from a family of teachers, Dr. Ann shares her passion for teaching through her continued work as clinic faculty at the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

Clinically, Dr. Ann’s areas of interest in Naturopathic Medicine include: chronic and autoimmune disease, digestive complaints, and men’s and women’s health. Additionally, Dr. Ann offers general medicine consultations. Conditions commonly seen include stress, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, weight management, allergies, and skin conditions.

With a focus on prevention and health optimization, Dr. Ann provides safe and evidence informed wholistic care. After reviewing your individual case and health goals, Dr. Ann will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan which may include diet and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, acupuncture, injection and intravenous therapies, laboratory testing, and/or prescription medications.

Fueled by her passion for global health and a belief that healthcare is a human right, Dr. Ann serves as a volunteer doctor with Natural Doctors International, an NGO that works with underserved communities on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. In her spare time, Dr. Ann enjoys painting, playing the guitar, camping, and wandering aimlessly along the coast or in the woods with her golden retriever sidekick!

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CATHY GAO – Office Manager


Cathy is currently attending Simon Fraser University and is completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree focusing on Biomedical Physiology. Even at a young age, she knew the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle regardless of how busy her everyday life is. By working alongside a group of practitioners, she hopes to learn all the tips and tricks that will allow her to help others in the near future. But in the meantime, Cathy is responsible for ensuring that your time here at Studiohealth is pleasant and welcoming while maintaining a comfortable environment for both practitioners and patients.

Whenever Cathy has free time, she enjoys going outside for fresh air. Most of her time is spent reading on the patio and walking around different parks with her friends and family. On top of all of that, she loves coffee hopping, exploring the city, and road trips with her loved ones.

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ANNIE WANG – Office Manager

Annie is currently attending University of British Columbia and is completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree focusing on Forest Bioeconomy. Annie has always valued the importance of having a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and she hopes to find that balance here alongside our practioners. In the meantime, Annie is responsible for ensuring that your time here at StudioHealth is pleasant and welcoming while maintaining a comfortable environment for both practioners and patients. 

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys going out and being active. Most of her time is spent training in the gym and going on bike rides all over the lower mainland with her friends. She plays competitive ultimate frisbee, competing against teams from North America and even across the globe. On top of all that, she loves trying new food around the city, playing spikeball, and going on adventures with friends and family. 


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JOYCE KIM – Receptionist   

Joyce is currently attending the University of British Columbia and is completing her Bachelor’s of International Economics. Joyce has always found that the key to a balanced lifestyle is getting enough sleep and staying hydrated and hopes to learn to maintain this balance alongside a hardworking group of practitioners. In the meantime, Joyce is responsible for ensuring that your time here at Studiohealth is welcoming and full of smiles while maintaining a comfortable environment for both practitioners and patients. Joyce is also responsible for running the social media for our clinic, particularly our Instagram at @studiohealth.vancity

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys going on walks while listening to music. Most of her free time is spent on her creative hobbies such as drawing, writing and filming fun Tiktok videos. On top of all that, she loves to check out new cafés to read and write poetry!

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